Lease Plan Kensington

Lease Plan Kensington is specialist in Lease Plan Land Registry Compliant and provides affordable & fast Lease Plan for your residential or commercial property in Kensington area. We are providing Lease Plan fully compliant in accordance with Land Registry requirements since 2014.

We provide Lease Plan Kensington for:

  • Residential Property Lease Plan Kensington
  • Commercial Property Lease Plan Kensington
  • Office Building Lease Plan Kensington
  • Part of Office Area Kensington
  • Furniture Layout
  • Floor Plan Kensington
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What is a Lease Plan & Why It is Important?

If you are leasing or renting commercial or residential premises for 5 years or more than you must require a lease plan. The Lease Plan is an important document for your lease. If you signing a lease either residential or commercial premises the lease plan is the document provides correct layout and measurements of your premises. It also shows the leasing premises area, any communal areas, and private areas. The lease plan must comply with Land Registry guidelines and requirements. Therefore, Lease Plan Design lease plans are fully compliant with Land Registry. We provide lease plan for both commercial and residential properties. Our years of experience and latest measure equipment we make sure our lease plans are accurate. We arrange a site visit to measure the site with our latest equipment.

The lease plan consists of a site plan, location plan, the leasing area within a building, any common areas, main entrance area, and fire exit areas. Furthermore, the lease plan also shows that the area includes in your lease. We cover Greater London, Essex, and the surrounding area. To discuss your project with us please feel free to contact us.

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