Lease Plans

Lease plans for how many flats did you say? No Problem

We often get commissioned on big projects, see above for our work on Airthire Road where the building owner requested separate lease plans for each level, as well as garden and parking marked for each flat. Every square foot is important and our surveyors take care to produce accurate lease plans with the minimum of fuss.

Lease Plan Redbridge – 30 Airthrie Road, London

The plans for this building, including the basement, show how detailed a floorplan is taken from the survey. Shared and common parts are outlined separately from the demise of the property. The surrounding buildings and roads are also located as required by the Land Registry.

Land Registry Compliant Plan –30 Airthrie Road, London

We have drawn up hundreds of lease plans for properties all over London, so you can trust our expertise and quick turnaround. Please see our pricing page for our transparent pricing structure. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for our clients and offer excellent value for money.


What is a Lease Plan and why do I need one?

On October 13th 2003 new laws were implemented which meant that all new leases granted for terms over 7 years or existing leases sold or assigned with 7 years to run must now be registered with Land Registry. Part of the lease application requires a land registry compliant lease plan to be produced and submitted. Contact us now to get a free quote for your lease plan.

What does a Lease Plan include?

A lease plan will include a detailed and scaled floorplan of the property including any shared common parts which affect the property and the access to it. The demise of the property is then clearly outlined in red with shared areas highlighted in green. Our lease plans also include an ordnance survey plan which details the position of the property in relation to the surrounding buildings and the local area.

Lease plans in 3 simple steps

1. Contact us to get a quote and arrange a convenient time for us to survey your property

2. One of our specialist planners will carry out the survey and you’ll receive the plans by email for approval within 48 hours

3. Once you are happy with the plan, we will send you the final versions by email

What’s Included

Site visit & survey by one of our professional surveyors

Land Registry compliant lease plan

Fast 48 hour turnaround available

PDF copy of lease plan via email

Lease Plan Design, Lease Plan Drawing

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