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Lease Plan Design is a London based company specialise in preparing Lease Plans and Floor Plans (drawings), which required to you or your solicitor to proceed either for a new lease or extending an existing lease. Lease Plan specialise in both residential and commercial lease plans and floor plans. Our lease plans are approved by the Land Registry and compliant with the Land Registry requirements.

The company was established in 2013. Our staff particularly director previously has a extensive experience in lease planning and property surveying. We provide Lease Plans services throughout the London, Essex, Harlow, Slough, Oxford, Cambridge and surrounding counties.

Lease Plans are extremely relevant to the lease of your premises either leasing a new premises or renewing lease for an existing premises.

Floor Plan

Nevertheless, Lease Plan also assists to property/estate agents in properties’ floor plans in very competitive price.

We believe in client’s satisfaction and perfection in work. Therefore, we use latest digital technology for survey to your property as well as latest CAD software to draw plans. Our simple way of work is below:

            Description of your work

                         We will provide quotation in accordance to your description 

                                         Site visit & survey of your property 

                                                         Preparing CAD Drawings 

                                                                        Your Lease Plans are ready 

1. Contact us to get a quote and arrange a convenient time for both of us to survey your property.

2. One of our specialist lease planners will carry out the survey and you’ll receive the plans by email for approval within 48 hours.

3. Once the plans are approved, we’ll print them to scale and post them to you.

To find out how Lease Plan can assist you with your project Contact us to arrange an initial site survey.

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